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Crafting a brand, pursuing a vision:
The 'PRETEE Creative' Journey

Before PRETEE Creative became the renowned branding agency it is today, it began as a small T-shirt business.

Our founder, Tatiana, has always had an unwavering passion for creativity, and started using shirts to showcase her ideas. But Tatiana always had more than just T-shirts in mind. For her, it was just the first step to launching a creative career that would intimately span from naming ideation to brand development execution.

As PRETEE Creative evolved beyond T-shirts, the founder realized that the name "PRETEE Creative" still held a special place in her heart. The name is a play on the word tee, so it nods to Tatiana's beginnings while also embodying her passion and creativity. It's the perfect name for a business that was destined for greatness.

Though T-shirts are no longer a key part of the business, "PRETEE" is now a symbol of our agency's core values.

"TEE" became an acronym for Trust, Empathy, and Emotion - values that are at the heart of everything PRETEE Creative does. 

When you work with PRETEE Creative, you're not just hiring a branding agency - you're enlisting a team of creatives who are ardent storytellers. We're experts at building brands that evoke emotional responses, and we understand the importance of forging meaningful connections.


PRETEE Creative doesn't just churn out brand names, we create stories that touch people's hearts, engender unforgettable experiences, and inspire action.

So why did the founder hold on to the name "PRETEE Creative" even after transitioning to a branding agency?

Because it's not just a name, but a reminder of where Tatiana got her start…and the passion and creativity that propelled her forward.


Image by Marissa Grootes


Our clients know they can rely on us to deliver the best in brand naming, because we are dedicated to their success. With a proven track record of expertise and a commitment to excellence, they trust that we will always go above and beyond to bring their vision to life.


We understand that branding is a deeply personal process, and that's why we approach every project with empathy and understanding. We strive to get to know you, your vision, and your unique needs and goals. As your partner and ally in the branding process, we listen carefully, ask thoughtful questions, and always keep your best interests at heart.

Image by Adomas Aleno


Branding is about emotion. It's about creating and evoking the right emotions so that your customers will connect with your brand on a deeper level.

At PRETEE Creative, we understand that while people may like features and benefits, they fall in love with passion and purpose. We know that building a brand that people will love takes hard work and dedication. That's why we work tirelessly to create a brand name and develop a brand that will resonate with your target audience. We believe that a strong brand is the foundation of a successful business, and we are committed to helping you achieve your branding goals.

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