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O U R   L E A D E R S H I P

PRETEE Creative was created by LA businesswoman Tatiana Dumitru in 2019. Tatiana continues to lead and grow the business today and remains actively involved with all clients and projects.

Like most serial entrepreneurs, Tatiana is many things. First and foremost, she is a brand creator, but she is also a writer, art director, business owner, designer, mom, Romanian expat, and a coffee lover! 

Tatiana is full of life, imagination and personality, traits she defends passionately as she navigates her career as a business owner and creative thought leader. 

“I see so many people creatively blunted by their business journeys", explains Tatiana. “Business can do that to you if you are not careful, replacing your youthful spark and passion with serious expressions and sensible shoes! In the business of brands however, passion and emotion are everything and fortunately for me they are part of my DNA”.

Google Tatiana to read her many contributions to business and creative services media including as a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance and Thrive Global. 

Tatiana has worked with hundreds of business and brand owners globally, from boot strapped start-up founders all the way up to global brand powerhouses including Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble. 


Layered by social, cultural and family experiences, Tatiana brings an honesty and intimacy to naming and brand development at PRETEE Creative, characteristics often lost at large corporate agencies. She inspires and empowers clients to create brands that their customers won’t just like but will fall in love with.

“My passion for creating can be traced back to my pre-professional days as a busy young mother with a degree in accounting but a burning desire to explore my creativity and create something beautiful. My outlet back then was T-shirts, the simplest way I could find to express my personality in something people could touch and feel. It proved to be the beginning of a whole new life chapter in creative development for me. What started as a little project quickly turned into a business, a career and now my life!”

Through her work at PRETEE Creative and her contributions to the start-up and entrepreneurial world, Tatiana strives to share her branding passion and experience to set brands up for success.

Tatiana divides her time between her work and her family, the two burning passions of her life.

When not creating brands, Tatiana loves to spend time with her husband and children, and is happiest exploring new places with them.

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