Brand  Binding

                 &  Beyond

Every brand is trying to grab attention and become striking in the wild wild web. Slapping together a couple of names ideas and a tagline, is not branding. It’s not about how it looks, it's about how it makes people feel.
Iconic brands are expressive. From the name to your logo to your social media to your website, you want each piece of your brand's puzzle to offer customers the same enticing experience.
Your brand name should be meaningful, concise, and easy to pronounce. No name is great until you make it great...naming a brand can be overwhelming, so I'm here to feel the gaps and fill them in.
The best taglines are alluring and stickable. I create catchy slogans that capture your brand and spark those “aha” moments.
Memorable branding goes beyond a pretty name in a cute package – it’s your promise to your customers, your mission statement, your vision. Branding is layered, shaped, tested and makes your audience go from “why should I buy” to “how do I buy”?

Photo credit: Søstrene Grene

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