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No project is too big (or too small!) for PreTee Creative. I love a good challenge, and I give every client the same attention and expertise. I'll take your idea, blend it with my branding knowledge, and together, we'll create something memorable. 

Like you, I'm an entrepreneur. I'm guessing that my branding caught your attention, but the experience I deliver will keep you coming back...and I'll take the same approach to your project.


1. BRAND NAME, STORY & TAGLINE - Your brand's name is like a first impression - it's uniquely tied to your identity, so I'll make sure it reflects who you are and what you want your brand to be. Once we find the perfect name, we'll create a tagline and a story that tells potential customers more about your brand's personality.

The story is essential to any name. Without it, a name is just a word with no context - and this makes it difficult for people to connect with. 


When you create a new name, it won't have the popularity and recognition of established brands — so it may be hard for your name to be accepted right away and considered a "perfect" name. When people hear your brand's name, they'll subconsciously make their own associations with the word. So while we're creating catchy names that capture the eye, it's essential to make the names part of a comprehensive brand story that captures the mind. 

And since we're helping you come up with a new name, we have the additional challenge of getting people to remember it. So, we aim to create easy-to-remember names with potential to create emotional, branded experiences. 

2. BUSINESS & BRAND STRATEGY - A brand without a strategy is like Taco Tuesday without...tacos. It's missing something essential (and spicy!). You can do everything right for your brand - like a great logo or catchy name - but it won't go anywhere if you don't have a strategy.


Iconic branding is layered, shaped, tested, and cultivated. And you need vision, direction, focus, and consistency to succeed. Your brand should evoke an emotional response in your customers and keep them coming back - and a cohesive brand strategy helps create this experience.

3.  LOGO, IDENTITY & GRAPHIC DESIGN - Your logo is the first visual impression you give potential customers - it should grab their attention, and will ultimately increase recognition. 


Whether a logo or an email banner, I believe that design should be smart. I know that it takes careful curation and a powerful infusion of a brand’s personality to deliver the right message. 

Your visual identity also needs to have the perfect balance between sleek, subtle and striking. Consistency is key, so the design needs to carry over across every channel or type of marketing material.

4. WEBSITE DESIGN - If you're wondering why website design is important, just take a look at this site. You're here for a reason, and something compelled you to click through. From your site's user experience to its visual aesthetic, my team at PreTee Creative can create a website that captures your brand and captivates potential clients.