From  Another  Perspective

I see things from a unique angle, and take into account client perspective when I approach branding. 


Naming is a collaborative process, mostly because it’s subjective and sensitive. I need to make sure I get a full understanding of the vision, personality and goals of your brand so you’ll have to fill out a worksheet I developed. 


From there, it takes me 5-7 business days to turn around a set of 5-6 names. Each name comes with a story / reason why I feel the name is suitable for your product, so I won't send random words / names that make no sense and that are hard to spell. I perform a TM check but only specialized lawyers and law firms with expertise in Trademark & Intellectual Property Law are able to provide legal advice regarding legal rights of names and marks.


If none of the names work, I will come up with new ones but no more than 15-18 names will be provided.

For taglines / slogans, the process is similar. 

Logo creation requires as well 5-7 days for the first concept to be sent that I will continue to fine tune it until it meets your requirements.

Understanding client's perspective is essential so my creativity is open. As a creative thinker, I’m able to see things from your perspective. As a consultant, I have somewhat of an outside perspective, so I can shape your brand by using fresh, innovative ideas.

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